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Book Tempo Traveller For Lucknow from delhi, Nbabon is known as the city of Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh is situated on the banks of the river Gomti. The city's history is Suryavanshi dynasty period. Setting Lucknow Nawab Asaf - ud - Daula was by, he was introduced as it was the capital of the Nawabs of Awadh. In fact, the city of Nawabs than a polite culture, which provided excellent cuisine is well known all over the world at the present time, Tempo Traveller hire for Lucknow . Despite unprecedented growth and modernization in the city , the charm and splendor of the ancient remains. If you talk to anyone walking on the street when going to see a clear reflection of culture lucknowi . Lucknow By Tempo Traveller from delhi Considering the growing population of the havelis ( houses ) have been converted into apartments , but the love and affection of the people is still remaining .

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Good manners and decorum in this city of Nawabs era - along with mouth-watering dishes and recipes were promoted. Bus Hire Mini For Delhi To Lucknow, In that period, literature, music, dance and arts and crafts also peaked. In fact, the city of Lucknow, where many instruments - such as the sitar, table and dance - Kathak etc. was born. Hire Mini Bus For Delhi To Lucknow Over time, the Mughal rulers of Lucknow was dominated by the British, and you come here in the buildings and monuments can easily see a glimpse of the royal regime book mini bus for delhi to lucknow.

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Lucknow Urdu , Hindustani and Hindi language is the birth place and the city also has contributed to Indian poetry and literature . See the best craftsmen in the country and in this city of the world famous embroideries work , every man and woman of the cloth does provide wardrobes chicken Lucknow . Lucknow No account of the great cuisines of the properties can not be whole without explaining . Visit Tourist Places by tempo traveller or mini bus However , here and there you should taste the famous Mughal cuisine , including steaks and kebabs are the most prominent and important .

Located in the tourist resort and its surrounding areas in Lucknow

Is something very special to see and do in Lucknow . The city's most important tourist destination Bara Imambara and the labyrinth with a large and impressive tomb complex created in 1783 is an interesting Bhulblaya . You Can Hire Bus Or Tempo Traveller For Delhi To Lucknow The monument was taken small Imambara full ticket, valid for Hussainabad Clock Tower and the Picture Gallery. Moreover, the ruins of the Lucknow Residency in Lucknow Raj era and also to Memorial Museum, where the War of Independence in 1857, the first battle was fought. While the bloody history is immortalized here, The Residency area where heat, dust and the din of the city appears to be far from a beautiful paradise. Lucknow is much greener . Lucknow Zoo , the Botanical Gardens ( botanical gardens ) and the Buddha Park , Kukral Forest Reserve ( Kukral forest ) and natural beauty spots such as Sinkdr Bagh Lucknow is special and excessively elegant Tempo Traveller on Rent in Delhi. .

Tourist Places In Lucknow

Visit Lucknow Tourist Places By Tempo Traveller Or Mini Bus Delhi-Lucknow many impressive monuments and buildings which are a testimony to the magnificent architecture of the period . The Kaiserbagh Palace , Talukdar Hall , Shah najaf Imambara , Begum Hazrat Mahal Park, and Rumi Darwaza , Lucknow etc. The Gateway of India is one of the most impressive architectural structures . Jama Masjid was built by Sultan Ahmed Shah in 1423 . Visit Beautiful Lucknow Toursit Places by Tempo Traveller Or Mini Bus, It is made up of yellow sandstone mosque , which is noted for attractive design and architectural style of the complex , it is considered one of the most beautiful mosques in India . In addition , several other attractions in Lucknow are worth exploring , such as - the main pier and pier Dhas . Dhas river tourists a camp site for the pier is always attractive .

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