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About Kanpur Ganga river in Uttar Pradesh's Kanpur city is the largest city. During the time of the Mahabharata legend for valor against Arjun powerful friend and faithful to Karna Duryodhana had a piece of land. Hire Tempo Traveller For Kanpur from Delhi The place was first known Karnpur and over time became known as Kanpur. Another legend has it that Lord Krishna's name was on the basis of its actual name Knhayapur and over time it got its present name. Mythology apart Kanpur during the colonial era when it was the main point was to transfer the British from the Nawab of Awadh . During the freedom struggle of India , the city has seen genocide Kanpur, India today is the main center of education and educational institutions here , including many prestigious Indian Institute of Technology major . Book Tempo Traveller For Delhi To Kanpur Other major institutions in the University Institute of Engineering and Technology , University of CSJM , Hrcourt Butler Technological Institute ( Acbitiai ) , Jisvim Medical College and Dr . Ambedkar Institute of Technology are . Hire Tempo Traveller For Kanpur The Industrial Area at Kanpur is famous for its leather and cotton products and attracts business from India and abroad Lucknow .

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At first glance , is similar to other cities of Kanpur, India - chaotically , colorful , lively and always engaged in some activity remains . Hire Mini Bus For Kanpur from delhi The Apart from its external appearance , although there is so much you can see and . There are many temples in Kanpur tourism can visit the Sri Radha Krishna Temple , Temple and Dwarkadheesh temple are Bitrgav . Kanpur is a symbol of India's rich cultural and religious diversity . Hindu temples, churches and mosques display other faith communities . Book Mini Bus For Delhi To Kanpur The key here is deposited mosque , Kanpur Memorial Church and the Jain Glass Temple should be mentioned that the present style of architecture and as the name suggests it is made from glass and decorated with colors, And the voice of the Kanpur Green Park you some trouble if you , Nana Rao Park , Pearl Lake and the flower garden , that garden of flowers , can find peace in this place in 1857, although the first war of India's independence in known for genocide . Mini Bus For Delhi To Kanpur These can be very crowded at weekends and holidays when people in the park to enjoy a picnic and come here to spend time with family, Also Provide Tempo Traveller For Chardham Yatra .

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Famous Allen Forest Zoo Kanpur ( Zoo) is the city 's largest and most exquisite of UP Zoo . The zoo is actually a forest where you see animals in their natural habitat can place the cage . Visit Kanpur By Tempo Traveller Or Mini BusFrom Delhi

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Indian cuisine is famous throughout the world . Whether you travel to any city you will definitely get to taste something special . Tempo Traveller Hire For Kanpur is a major aspect of its delicious food . Here , from the economical fast food joint where restaurateur get food to all kinds of tastes . While in town and civil lines of the forehead Pandey sharking builder must take the taste of the infamous ice cream .

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