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About Jaisalmer Jaisalmer , the 'Golden City' , royal palaces and fighting camels of Rajasthan along with the charm of a sandy desert is a symbol . Hire Tempo Traveller For Jaisalmer from delhi This world famous tourist destination , located in the middle of the great Thar Desert . Serving as the administrative headquarters of Jaisalmer district , with Pakistan , Bikaner , Barmer and Jodhpur is bordered by . Book Tempo Traveller For Jaisalmer from delhi, This golden city is just 575 km from state capital Jaipur . Plays an important role in the economy of the tourist district . City founder Rao Jaisal who ruled Jaisalmer during the 12th century , the name of the town is named . Rajasthani folk music and dance forms of the golden city , who highly appreciated the global stage , is famous for . Sam sand dunes desert festival on the occasion of the sensual dance Kalbelia ' is used by tribes living here Book Tempo Traveller For Delhi To Jaisalmer . It is held in the month of February is a three-day annual festival . Camel races , turban tying , and best mustache competitions far - flung areas to attract tourists . In addition , to the camp , bonfire , burning and great camel safari in the Thar Desert , Rent Tempo Traveller For Jaisalmer is an unforgettable experience came passengers . .

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Like any other desert cities of Rajasthan , Book Mini Bus For Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer is also the royal forts , havelis , palaces , museums and temples is famous for . Jaisalmer Fort , Jaisalmer , which is regarded as the Shan , the Golden City 's most famous tourist attraction. Hire Mini Bus Hire For Jaisalmer The sun sets on the yellow sandstone fort is the vessel of gold , the ' Sonar Quila ' or the ' Golden Fort ' as it is also known . There are several gates in the fortress Akhai Pol, Hawa Pol , Suraj Pol and Ganesh Pol , known as . Rent Mini Bus Hire For Jaisalmer Fusion style of Rajput and Mughal architecture of the fort attracts the attention of tourists . Visitor various royal palace , seven temples and see several wells . Shantinath seven Jain temples Temple , the most popular religious sites Cndraprbhu temple and temple Sheetalnath . Mini Bus Hire For Jaisalmer, Jaisalmer Fort is located within the premises of the Maharaja 's Palace or Jaisalmer Fort Palace Museum and Heritage Center , the city 's famous tourist attractions. Tourists from the roof of the palace of the entire city can enjoy a view of . Silver coronation throne , bed , dish , local stamps , notem , and the statues of the royal family are main attractions of this palace . Hire Mini Bus For Jaisalmer- Jaisalmer Akal Wood Fossil Park is also worth a look 180 years old and is a famous destination . Jiwasm huge trees and ancient marine shellfish are the main attractions of this park . Tourist Harrier , Bujhrd , spotted eagles and short -toed eagle , buzzard , a kestrel , Jaisalmer by mini bus, large hawk and humming in the sand creatures that can see in Jaisalmer Desert National Park .

Tourist Places In Jaisalmer

Nathamlji Ki Haveli, Salim Singh Ki Haveli , Ptwon 's mansion , Srinath mansion , Manak Chowk and other havelis are famous for their unique architectural style by tempo traveller . Passengers arrived at Jaisalmer Mool Sagar , Gopa Chowk , Jaisalmer folklore museum , Tajia Tower , Gdsisr lake , large garden , Khuri sand dunes , the sand dunes of Sam , and Kuldhara should miss . Amar Singh Palace is a beautiful royal building, situated on the shores of the lake in Jaisalmer Amar Singh. During the 17th century, the palace was built by Raja Singh Maharawal Akhai. Beautiful murals on the walls add to the beauty of the palace. In addition to the enchanting palaces, museums are located in Jaisalmer city. Mini Bus Hire for delhi to jaisalmer Desert cultural center and museum, ethnic instruments, rare fossils, ancient scriptures, medieval coins and a rare collection of traditional art exhibits, Visit By Tempo Traveller Or Mini Bus. In addition, the official museum of historical household items , stone ware and jewelery offers the opportunity to see .

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